SPEED is able to offer competitive pricing (up to 75% off Genuine Parts RRP) due to several factors

Buying POWER

SPEED is associated with some of the European automotive aftermarket biggest and most well known names. These partnerships enable our customers to achieve consideration savings whilst being sure of quality parts being supplied.

Minimalising the Middle Men

Most of our parts are sourced directly from the manufacturer, and then from us straight to you. Compare this approach to the usual supply path Genuine parts can follow:


Then consider the margin that each of these Middle Men would add as the part moves through the supply chain. You do the math!

Logistical expertise

The team at SPEED have many years of importing and international logistics experience. We know the best (value & SPEED) method of moving parts, and as such, we focus our supply chain on a large weekly airfreight consignment which moves directly from Europe. This approach ensures our clients have the ability to benefit from our volumes versus what is able to be achieved using alternative modes (i.e. lesser volume airfreight or an international courier shipment).

Stocking Policy

SPEED accepts that it can't be all things to all people and that it would be impossible to physically have a complete range of parts and accessories across all the various European Car manufacturers products. SPEED believes that even the individual NZ franchise holders struggle to keep pace with the parts demands of the manufacturers continuous model development and they are only usually focussed on a single or very few manufacturers!

To this end, for parts which are not held in stock by SPEED, we utilise a weekly airfreight consolidation that ensures we don't need to build in hefty warehousing allowance into our pricing. We call our supply strategy SPEED Supply.

Low operating costs

SPEED is based in Mount Maunganui where very low commercial property leasing and staffing costs are able to be achieved relative to other main centres.

SPEED actively tries to eliminate unnecessary costs from its business to ensure it is as lean and mean as possible without service levels being compromised.

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