SPEED is well aware it is impossible to be all things to all people. To have the right parts on hand, for the right car, given any and every case scenario, and to have these parts available across all European manufacturers would be simply absurd.

Even a NZ European vehicle franchisor can struggle to keep pace with their suppliers (the car manufacturers) complete model revamp every 3-4 years or so, whilst still maintaining a complete stock of all the older models the manufacturer has produced.

How often have you heard from the local dealer that the part is only available ex Germany / France / Italy, and that you need to allow three weeks for delivery? Often we would wager!

SPEED's supply strategy (SPEED Supply) is to have available in stock, and therefore ready for same day delivery to most locations in NZ, the most commonly required service parts for the most popular European makes and models presently registered in NZ.

To this end our stock is focussed as follows:

FILTERS - Air, Oil, Fuel, Pollen & Automatic Transmission
BRAKES - Pads, Sensors, Hoses, & Discs
IGNITION - Spark Plugs, Sensors, & Coils
FUEL SUPPLY - Fuel pumps, & Air Flow (Mass) Meters
COOLING - Thermostats, Sensors, Water Pumps, Compressors, & Evaporators
BELT DRIVE - V Ribbed, Timing Belts and Kits, Pulleys & Tensioners
SUSPENSION - Mounts, Rods, Arms, & Air Suspension Bags
AXLE DRIVE - CV Joints & Wheel Bearings
STEERING - Tie Rods, Track Control Arms, & Power Steering Pumps
ENGINE - Gaskets
EXHAUST - Catalytic Converters and Silencers
BODY - Window Regulators and Motors

Parts which fall outside this are ordered on an indent (to order) basis and are consolidated in our weekly airfreight shipment. The time from order to delivery can be as little as 2.5 working days using this method*!

By using SPEED Supply, SPEED is able to access many millions of individual parts, but does not have to hold huge stocks of items that are unlikely to be fast moving and therefore negating the need to include a margin for additional warehousing and stock costs. As a result SPEED can keep prices LOW!

The following hypothetical scenario illustrates our supply philosophy...

Harry Smith pre-books his 1996 BMW E36 318i Automatic for its required service at his local independent BMW garage BIMMER AUTO's.

BIMMER AUTO's knowing the car will require the usual serviceable items obtains the same from SPEED on a same day or overnight basis depending on their location and / or urgency.

SPEED supplies the parts and BIMMER AUTO's subsequently install the same in Harry's car. When BIMMER AUTO's are servicing Harry's car they note that it needs some further remedial work to bring it up to standard.

Harry picks car up and is advised of the remedial work required, he is provided with the options available to for rectification (SPEED have in advance provided his new replacement parts options). Harry then books in to have the work done at a future time and date after being able to have input into the decision.

BIMMER AUTO's contact SPEED to arrange the various additional parts to be supplied.

SPEED arranges delivery of the parts to BIMMER AUTO's Just In Time for them to be installed in Harry's BMW.

[*Not including the day of ordering]

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